Drupal as a social hub for personal learning

Veröffentlicht im Jahr 2012
Hölterhof, Tobias; Nattland, Axel; Kerres, Michael (2012): „Drupal as a social hub for personal learning“. In: PLE Conference Proceedings., S. 1–13.

A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) focuses on the personal need of a learner. It refers to informal and self-directed learning and integrates different resources and services in a single environment. But learning can also be considers as a social activity. From the perspective of a formal master pro- gram, the article discusses the relation between social and personal aspects of learning and describes the design of a technological platform that connects the different PLEs of the students. Instead of using a traditional Learning Manage- ment Systems (LMS) for managing the program, the platform acts as a “social hub” between the PLEs to perform formal learning scenarios and to build a so- cial space.